Followerz Protection

Followerz Protection is a unique, automatic safeguard for a prevalent problem in the industry, followers losses. This proprietary system ensures that anyone purchasing with Fast Followerz, whether it be a high profile celebrity or a part-time user, retains their followers effectively avoiding a publicity nightmare.

The Problem

Followers unfollow over extended periods of time, or Social Platforms such as Twitter or Instagram removing older accounts even though they might just use social media for browsing. Such occurrences cause a "drop" or loss in followers if you've purchased followers from other providers.

Our Solution

We call it Followerz Protection. If you happen to lose followers from our network, Followerz Protection will replace them - immediately and automatically.


How it works

This system monitors client profiles in real-time to ensure followers are stable and above the guaranteed levels. This guaranteed level is determined by recording the starting number of followers just before a package begins delivering followers and sets this as a reference point. Followers are then delivered and kept above the number of initial followers added to the Fast Followerz delivered. As soon as a drop of even one follower is noticed, Followerz Protection will immediately replace the followers — without you having to lift a finger.

Followerz Protection (and Automatic Replacement) is always included free of charge with every order from Fast Followerz. If you prefer to extend Protection beyond one year, you can easily add this by selecting the 2-Year Followerz Protection  add-on when ordering. If you did not select the extended Followerz Protection add-on, don't worry, you can purchase it directly from your Client Dashboard.

Rest assured, purchasing from Fast Followerz means industry-leading security and peace of mind with intelligent systems like Followerz Protection.

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