Engagement Packages

Our unique Twitter and Instagram Engagement packages make headaches a thing of the past. We keep track of your activity on social media, that way when you feel like posting - we deliver! Engagement is automatic, instant, and controlled right from your dashboard. Receive immediate Retweets/Likes for your Tweets and Likes for your Instagram posts without having to think twice.

How it Works

Our system will be automatically notified and ready to deliver whenever you decide to post. We allow you to determine how much Engagement each post will receive, and all of your settings are updated in real-time from your client dashboard. You determine how much Engagement you want per day, and you can spread out the Engagement over multiple posts. We have designed the Dashboard with you in mind, and we know you will love it. Stay in control of your social media with the Fast Followerz Client Dashboard.

Your Engagement should begin delivering within a few moments of posting. We want to ensure that Engagement appears organic and natural. This way you never have to wait or be concerned about whether someone will engage with your newest Tweet or picture.

Client Dashboard Integration

Post as many times a day as you want! We will distribute the Engagement to your posts as you see fit via the interactive settings menu. Since you're in control of everything, you customize the Engagement that works best for you.

For example, if you expect to post 10 Tweets on one day and you have a 1,000/day Twitter Engagement package, you can adjust your settings to send 100 retweets and likes per tweet. If you wish to receive more Engagement the next day for only 5 posts, you are able to adjust the number of retweets and likes per post to 200 and ensure that you still receive the full amount of Engagement!

A more advanced way to set up your Instagram or Twitter Engagement package is to place limits on the minimum and maximum number of retweets and likes per tweet. This will cause our system to pick a random number between the ranges you set to deliver to your post. The Engagement will continue until your daily goal has been reached. This ensures that you receive a varying amount of Retweets and/or Likes and appear more natural.

With our Twitter Engagement package we also allow you to determine if you would like to engage or ignore replies or tweets that you retweet. This can help you save some extra Engagement for only the Tweets that are most important to you.

Organic Growth Benefit

With each additional retweet or like your chances of receiving organic Engagement grows. Many Engagement users will see a significant organic increase in both followers and Engagement.

Placing Engagement Orders

Placing an Engagement order — Placing a Twitter or Instagram Engagement order is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just sign in to your Fast Followers account and select the package that is right for you. The following instructions are intended for placing a Twitter Engagement package, but the steps are the same for Instagram.

When you have decided which package you would like all you need to do is adjust your settings and press the add to cart button.

From here just select your preferred method of payment and you are ready to go!


If you decide you would like to receive more Engagement/day we are have you covered! Upgrading your Engagement package has never been easier. With the Fast Followerz Client Dashboard all you will need to do navigate to your Engagement order and select the Upgrade tab as seen in the picture below.


You are ready for an enhanced social media experience with Fast Followerz.

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