Our team enables us to win.

A company is ultimately measured by its members..

Are you truly passionate about what you do? Does what you do relate to the internet world at all? If you answered yes to both, you might consider a career at Fast Followerz. Fast Followerz is actively seeking PASSIONATE employees to fill the positions below.

Phone Support Representative

This position requires having a static schedule as you will be assigned hours for phone support. These hours will be normal business hours between 10AM and 7PM EST. Be prepared to perform customer service, sales, and billing tasks on the spot.


  • • Communication
  • • Scheduling
  • • Multi-Tasking
  • • Friendliness

Live Chat Representative

Live Chat positions are unique to other tasks - as they provide very flexible hours. You are free to work whenever you want, as long as another member hasn't already filled your position.


  • • Communication
  • • Writing
  • • Reading

Sales & Marketing Representative

Fast Followerz is always hiring PASSIONATE sales and marketing people. If you've always been a sales person or a marketing person, this is for you! Sales members have HUGE opportunities for advancement in an ever-growing company.


  • • People-Skills
  • • Marketing
  • • Sales

To apply for a PASSIONATE position, send a resume to business@fastfollowerz.com