Business Campaign

We at Fast Followerz are extremely proud of our unique Twitter and Instagram Business campaigns. We utilize our own fine-tuned applications that extend your reach to the next level. Our systems were created by our social media experts to guarantee the most efficient process of targeted followers acquisition is delivered to you.

Why Business? - Because you are concerned about quality over quantity. You need real human followers who are interested in what you have to say, you want followers who engage with your posts, and you require followers who represent your market. As a business on social media there are several ideas to be aware of when building your presence. You will want to tell a story about your business through your posts.



The Follow-First method is the most common way to add Twitter followers. We will follow specific users based on your provided information with the goal that they will view your page and follow-back because they like what they see. With the correct hashtags and/or targeted users, people will be happy to follow you back because you share similar interests! A typical follow-back ratio is 15 to 25%. We also will unfollow any users automatically that don't follow-back after a few days.

Likes Method

The Likes Method is for businesses that do not wish to increase their following count, but still want real, targeted followers. This method gains targeted followers by favoriting tweets that match your keyword preferences. The likes method also has other benefits such as increasing engagement with others, which will increase your social standing.

You are also encouraged to use both methods concurrently if you prefer! Just select this option on the order form. This will ensure that you receive your targeted followers as quickly as possible!

Twitter Dashboard

Change your settings at any time directly from your Client Dashboard. You can optimize your campaign from the dashboard by removing underperforming keywords and even try out some new ones! You're in control of everything using the Dashboard Campaign Manager.

Instagram Business Targeting Methods

Follow-First Method

This is the most efficient way to receive receive real-targeted followers. Don’t get caught wasting time trying to extend your reach, let us do this  for you. Our experts have created an application that will amplify your social outreach ten-fold.

It is worth noting that the rate at which users will follow back is heavily dependent on your set of hashtags. A well targeted campaign can expect to see about 15 to 25% follow back percentage. To perform optimally, these campaigns often require some time to gain traction and usually require a solid foundation of followers.

Likes Method

The likes method of targeting in Instagram captures photos that people post from around the world which match your provided hashtags, then our system will like the picture on your behalf. This method might be moderately slower than the Follow-First Method but is useful if you do not wish to follow others.

Our likes method is able to interact with multiple posts spread across the same targeted user with just one of your hashtags. This feature not only increases the amount of actions performed by our system but allows a more natural interaction between users within the network.

Both Methods

Both of the targeting methods we offer have proven to be equally effective. They each have their own benefits however, and using them together is the most efficient way to gain followers.

Competition Targeting

A great way to be even more specific in the audience you target is to use competition targeting. When hashtags aren’t cutting it, competition targeting focuses on specific users that have a following you are interested in. By utilizing competition targeting your campaign may double in the precision of your desired audience.

Unfollow Users Followed

The unfollowing add-on is great for businesses that want to gain real, targeted followers quickly but also do not want to be following unfriendly non-followbacks. We offer a unique method that allows you to only unfollow those who did not follow you back.

Ordering a Business campaign

Ordering a Business campaign is extremely easy. Just select the package from the menu and choose your targeting method.

Then enter your username and password. We will need this to perform actions with your account. After that just list off the hashtags you would like to be used, and hit «ADD TO CART»

You're already on your way to an enhanced social media experience with Fast Followerz!

Enhancing your Business Campaign

A crucial element to any business campaign is engaging with your followers.  The keywords, hashtags, and competition targets that you choose is going to be the biggest difference between a successful campaign or a flop. Vague, generic hashtags will not help you target users at all. Using the hashtag #ironman might seem like a great, targeted hashtag for an athletics company, but upon further examination you will realize that you are gaining some followers that are interested in Marvel's superhero IronMan. This will also slow down your campaign because users who are interested in the superhero will look at your account and not be encouraged by similar interests to follow you back.

Finding other successful business accounts that are in your niche is another way to enhance your campaign. If you are a young celebrity who wants to build their brand you might choose targeted accounts such as @justinbeiber or @taylorswift. This means that you will be targeting their followers list and engaging with their followers. This method is extremely useful when you are in competition with another business who holds followers that you want as your own.


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